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The H1Z1 kotk Game guide The H1Z1 King of the Kill (also called KotK), is a large scale shoot to kill game where every second count. The secret would be to learn to seeing the top 10 each, speeding abilities that can considerably improve your possibility for anyone confronting challenges. Preparation before starting the game : 1. Take the first 60 seconds given to open up your inventory and fast gear up the game dress for security functions. .. The inventory includes six pieces of attire that can be crafted into satchels. These totes offer 350 units of “carrying weight” for your player's apparel, which gives more room to take added things. The ninth time out of the ten, you can readily choose the tenth and a backpack quite fast, craft the satchel. You should also drop the shoes you will need to run faster unless your slot is empty, as by picking up the pair of shoes, they won't be automatically equipped. As you progress, instead, they are going to be mechanically equipped. 2. The King of the Kill shoves one to pick a gear up. Ensure you keep the crosshairs up as they can save you the time of aiming your rifle. 3.. Bandage yourself, when you get gassed and stand there for some time. 4. When the parachute is about to open as you head towards the bottom, press the S, W or D buttons and train your cursor towards the bottom. The parachute will shield you, and you will get to the ground faster thus acquire weapons. Locate the signals of a police car as it'll ensure you a ticket to your own liberty while about the ground. 5.. Decrease the space from your opponents and make sure you stay in an area that is suburban and urban. Your rivals will need to run upstairs to get to you personally. 6. Because the game has an on-foot auto jog button, it becomes more easy to run from house to house. Bound as you run and rotate your camera to about 90 degrees to your own left or right when you get to an area that one may make contact. .. You are going to have opened your field of view, and also the competition sniper WOn't have the ability to help make the head-shots. 7.. Prevent the fields that are open and make sure that you've got some cover while jogging. Going to an open field and start firing with no strategy will get you dead 8.. Use the terrain map on the big red box to be sure of where you're standing. Keep note of the important landmarks like even hospitals or churches as they can assist you to locate your competitions along with give some cover to you. It is around, finishing the last one alive. (get more about how to play h1z1 kotk) Therefore, it is advisable to do everything in your capacity even when it means sitting in a hidden spot with a shotgun while the other first hundred players murder one another. It is all about living although your score will be impacted.